CES 2016

Here’s a list of our top three shiny cool tech things out at CES 2016. Can’t believe it’s that time again already.

Virtual Reality

We said last year that VR is going to explode in 2016 and so it is. Not only are some of the biggest companies on the planet like Facebook acting as investors, but some of the best hardware and software companies like Sony and Valve are working to make the best VR kit and content. Early adopters will have to remortgage their house or sell their kids to afford the newly announced price of the Oculus Rift at £499 – due out in March. An Oculus Rift, Oculus Rift, my child for an Oculus Rift.


There were so manysmart wearable gadgets announced at CES 2016 but only one that we want to take home. The Casio Smart Outdoor Watch is due out in a later this year for about £400. It’s so solid it’s probably shark-proof, got every gizmo a piece of good outdoor tech should have and it’s built on the mobile version of Google’s Android OS. That means it’ll support more connected apps than you could shake a stick at. And where there are apps, and the internet, there are advertising opps.

Edutainment gadgets

Surely only the amazing Lego could be in a position to get school kids to enjoy engineering, robotics and coding. The Lego WeDo 2.0 comes with a programmable Smarthub, motor, two sensors and 280 building elements, plus software which includes one Get Started Project. Of course, when little Timmy builds a sentient killing machine that takes over the world, you’ve only got yourself to blame. And Lego.