MCV Awards 2016

Always the bridesmaid, never the bride…

As you probably know by now, MCV is the last word on the UK games industry. The venerated trade publication also still comes in something people over 40 like to call “print” alongside its digital counterpart. And every year, MCV invites the great and the good, from publishers and advertisers to developers and media sales, for a night of shenanigans and networking to celebrate the best of the best in UK gaming at its awards ceremony.

Sadly, myself and our co-founders couldn’t make it so we sent three of our sales team instead after being proudly nominated as a MCV Media Sales Team finalist for our ad campaign work. This is the third year running we’ve been nominated and, while we’ve been before, we’ve never attended as a nominee. So Jermaine, Toby and Josh from Venatus took some of our lovely clients to theMCV 2016 Awards in the hope of scooping a win.

But, three courses and buckets of wine later, BBC funnyman and MCV host Miles Jupp told us we hadn’t won…again. We should’ve taken it like adults, courteously applauding because we’re all winners in this sea of gaming excellence. Instead, after three years of promise and rejection, we had to hold back our head of sales, Jermaine Abel from running onstage, grabbing the award and going full Kanye. Not winning also meant media London didn’t get to see his beaming mug because the event was live-streamed on Twitch and Jermaine is such a humble guy who’d shun being smack, bang in the middle of the internet. So, we cried in the toilets and reapplied our tear-streaked make-up. Never, ever again. Same time next year?

This was our winning pitch delivered in biz patois:

Havas Media and EA didn’t just want us to brand evangelise for converted, core gamers through our traditional client portfolio for this years’ footie fave: FIFA 2016. They wanted us to build a diverse brand-integrated campaign on our casual gaming sites as well. So we built incentivised ad content with cross-demographic reach using a game page and masthead takeover on the UK’s most famous casual gaming site with over 200 million monthly active users – Miniclip.

For our core digital marketing, we ran a set of media formats for one of publishers. The core gaming site liked the idea so much it took above and beyond, creating a “submit your best goal” campaign. This was based on downloading the demo, sharing best clips (directly from Sony’s PS4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One’s share functionality), and then voting on which goals users found the best.


What else would you expect us to deliver on a football campaign but 110%?