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Venatus runs site takeover for PS Vita on The Escapist

Escape to victory

To coincide with the release of the Playstation Vita, Venatus is running a site takeover today on The Escapist Magazine:


escapist vita takeover venatus mediaScreenshot of Venatus’s site takeover


The gaming world has been buzzing with excitement and predictions leading up to today’s launch. Many have wondered if the Vita will sell, but a massive amount of pre-orders bode well for the Vita’s popularity.

Venatus staff are yet to get our hands on a Vita, and based on TechCrunch’s review we are dying to try it out. The overall jist is that the Vita is a great device for dedicated gamers:

“As a device, the Vita is stellar. It has all the right pieces in all the right places ā€“ the huge, bright screen, the dual analog sticks, the acceptable battery life, the size, shape, and weight. I wish all Sony products were like this ā€“ intelligently designed, handsome, and usable. Sony has finally figured out how to put all the puzzle pieces into the right spots and it is an example of what the company can do when it produces a device dedicated to its biggest fans ā€“ gamers.

– John Biggs, TechCrunch

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